Terms of Service and delivery terms

Norbert Ludwig - Industriestraße 7 - 57555 Mudersbach

preface: this is no online shop with automatic shop funktion. We are importers and wholesalers. Our intention is to provide shoes and boots to those who don't have a retailer next door. For that you are requested for an inquiry

  1. All our deliveries are due to our terms of delivery. They take place for all future deliveries as well no matter if they are repeated or not. Other terms are not accepted but objected. From the time of order these terms are accepted. Different terms require a confirmation by the seller in writing.
  2. The order is a fixed quote by the buyer. The contract takes place after acceptance by the seller. Offers from the seller are without obligation.
  3. Prices are based on the offer from the seller All prices for retailers are ex warehouse 57555 Mudersbach, Germany plus valid VAT Consumer will get a price including shipping and VAT Disposal fees for packing are covered by the buyer.
  4. Dates of delivery are mandatory in a way that the seller is allowed for a delivery supplemantary within 4 weeks . After those 4 weeks the buyer is free to cancel the order. Any act of nature beyond contral, strike, regulatory measures extend the deadline for delivery by this time annoyance. For that the seller is requested to inform the buyer within a week of getting knowledge himself. Any claims regarding late delivery or non deliveries are dismissed
  5. If the buyer doesn't accept the goods he will be free after 2 weeks to resign from the contract. The seller is t entitled to sell the non accepted goods and to claim the margin of a lower price from the buyer. If this doesn't work smoothly in short time the seller is allowed to charge 30% of the goods value to the buyer.
  6. Same takes place in case of a cancellation from the buyer. The buyer confirms that 30% compensation by accepting the terms of delivery.
  7. Transfer of perils belong to the buyer after the goods are hand over to the carrier. The seller is always allowed for part deliveries.
  8. The buyer is requested to check the goods immediately after arrival and to inform the seller within 7 days in writing. The goods are accepted if there's no complain within those 7 days. It's up to the seller to cover any justified claims by replacement goods or credit note.
  9. The invoice will be dated on day of delivery
  10. The property belongs to the seller until payment in full.
  11. Place of delivery for all concerning the contract is 57555 Mudersbach.
  12. In case of any ineffective part of these terms the others parts are still efficient