of As the name suggests. Always very high boots. Customs says they cover ankle and calf.
And the are goth because of that combination paltform, high heel and special last. Also with lots buckles,
straps, rivets and various inlays. Except one all can be named vegan. And all of them have zips. With an
additional lacing the calf can be fitted nicely.

Cute black Lace Bow

Black lace on red back plus black satin bow make...

UVP: 90
Red Rose

The platform is covered by lace. The calf fits...

UVP: 80
Cute Lace Bow

The most successful boot of the Highlegs. Black...

UVP: 90
Gothic Siren

The only Highleg with 2 zips. The outer is...

UVP: 90
Blood Moon

The Highleg with padded back and apron. Lots of...

UVP: 95
Buckle me

Main point are the 5 big outer buckles. Once...

UVP: 100
Elegant Lady

16 top hooks allow a perfect calf fitting. In and...

UVP: 95
Elegant Lady Lea

Classical calf high leather boot. Older sister of...

UVP: 120
Bloody Queen

Satin strings on front and back will be fastened...

UVP: 80