All Inamagura Collections

Inamagura boots are available in many variants. We'll show six of them on this page. The Ladyranger are classical leather boots. The Gothic Tramp is model for the other boots of that collection and used to be part of the Inamagura range 30 years ago.

Typical for the Highlegs are height, shape of the last, platform and high big heel. Most of the boots are pretty comfortable by fitting the calf by lace. All except one have side zips for fast dress on and take off.

The Lowboots are related to the Highlegs but much lower. The most lowest is Madame Noire. A higher variation is also as Cruel Domination available.

The wedges are handmade. An extreme light one is Fallen Corpse available in odds lots.

You can have a Pike as well. You can persuade yourself for that Punk boot of the 80 to Immortal Gothic.

Last are the Hotspurs with that unique metall thorn heel. The Lilith is recommended for a very high one. But there're lower ones as Malasintha.

Dare a glance in the collections. It is worth it ..


High and in many variants. Our Highlegs.


Our Ladyranger are classic leather boots.


Our Lowboots are the low sisters of Highlegs.


Genuine with the hand milled Wedge. Our Wedges.


There´s just one Pike. Have a look. Immortal Gothic.


Titled with demons names and equipped with Metal thorns heels . The Hotspurs.