Inamagura Fetish & Gothic Boots

Quality for more than thirty years

inamagura is never mainstream, always more special and nothing for everybody. For that we don't have to cry for happiness. That's not part of us. We try to suit smaller groups, those who don't want to be average. We have big mistruts of big ads budgets and fashion dictatorship. We try to make footwear for our customers and we are happy about feedback and input what has to follow next. 

That's it.

Our Fetish & Gothic Boots Collections


Our High Leg Boots are made out of either leather or are produced vegan. more


Platform Boots with high wedged sole. more


Low Boots with high Platform. more


Sturdy leather Boots. more


Pointed Pikes from the 80´s. 


No Boots are like our Hotspurs. more

Inamagura, the brand

For more information about the brand please check history.

Beside a question answer game which covers inamaguras history you'll find lots of designs who never made it into real boots. Others we had before and again others you probably wear yourself.

Shut up and take my money!


Our remaining stock is updated every month.
The prices will be fantastic. The quality of the remaining stock is immaculate.


Dark Elegance
UVP: 50€




UVP: 80€




Fallen Corpse
UVP: 40€